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Done with what is done.

New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse

Cards: Subconscious Pool/BALANCE, Magic Forest/HOPE, Pink Canopy/EXPANSION, Magic House/STABILITY. Crystals: selenite for higher vibes, emerald, serpentine and fluorite wand for a strong but open heart, lapis for great seeing, tiger’s eye for strength and personal power.

The theme of boundaries, personal power and complete endings continues at this time. Bad habits, addictions, unhealthy relationships and whatever abuse, doubts or fears we may have been agreeing to or inflicting upon ourselves has been purged over this last eclipse cycle from those of us ready to release and deal with the pain that clarity and the bigger picture brings. 

This is a time of new beginnings and taking our stronger, more recently-integrated self to establish new intentions, actions and patterns. A whole new reality or perspective has emerged, from what once was a seed of knowing. We have arrived at a place where we are more fully able to choose our freedom and the life we really want. We may be simultaneously witnessing and attempting to process what we’ve lost and yet also what we’ve gained by understanding what it was we really didn’t want. We may be also able to see the complexities and multiple truths both in our story and the stories of those we oppose or feel oppressed by. This seeing opens up a new channel of forgiveness–one that makes no excuses for what has been done, but one that allows us to move forward freely and without holding onto blame, anger and resentment.

It is imperative that we keep these doors closed to further triggers and wounding, especially if our bent into these places come from an addictive pattern. Be done with what is done. This is not the time to question ourselves at the expense of others or the voices in our mind reflecting self-doubt and criticism. We must move forward swiftly, strongly and with heart. Let us hold space for our pain and for the pain of others but not be distracted and dig into these patterns in such a way that we loose our grasp on our own growth and ability to feel whole and good within ourselves. We have great work to do and a meaningful life to live.

Having cleared out so much illusion, we may find ourselves having a deeper and more fulfilling life experience.  Simple obligations to work and family may be filled with more presence, gratitude and playfulness. Let us embrace this inner freedom and celebration, for we have passed the tests and now can rise and reap the rewards. In this new place, we are much more capable of seeing all of our experiences as valuable, and great suffering as a gift. Pain is not something to fear but to revere as an indicator of incredible personal growth. We are the teachers of what we learn so let us use our knowledge to welcome others back home to themselves.

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