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We KNOW what we know.

Full Moon in Virgo

Cards: Magic House/STABILITY, Scintillation/LONGING, Electric Field/POWER Crystals: pyrite for dreaming big and going far, nuummite for deep uncovering, purple fluorite for self safety and tuning out chatter.
As we flesh out the culmination of this eclipse cycle with this full moon in Virgo, we may find ourselves battling ghosts and parasitic traces of old relationships and patterns. If we’ve set proper boundaries and refused to sacrifice our own power and well-being to no outside force, we will find ourselves stronger than ever before.
If we’ve completely transformed and have lost a lot of energetic weight, this new bright space may trigger the darkness from those who haven’t faced their own version of the shadow we’ve released. So let us not take things personally, while also allowing careful examining of our reactivity. Let’s not let anger, projection and denial creep back in the back door.
This is not a time for self doubt but rather standing in authenticity with as much neutrality as possible. Balance is key so let us walk the tightrope with ease and compassion. Let us truly hold fast our newfound strength and allow no one to take away the power of our seeing. We know what we know but can only own what we know. So let us express it carefully with tact, self love and awareness leading the way.
If we are unsettled by all the discomfort upon discomfort, let us sit in stillness with our hearts in our hands, asking for help and healing from our inner knowing, guides and other unseen help. We are not alone in this battle toward completion but we may be experiencing loneliness or feelings of isolation as we complete this journey of  “The Fool” and “The Hermit”.  
Not taking responsibility for oneself is no longer optional. It is an absolute prerequisite for moving ahead. We are redefining our sense of home within the self and letting ourselves be fully held in the freedom that WE define–independent of the opinions, assumptions and projections of others. We must stay vigilant in this awakening and hold ourselves and others completely accountable for their own actions and behavior. 
We may find we are no longer attracted to that which does not make us feel well and whole. And although we may have conscious remorse about the suffering we’ve put ourselves and others through, we needn’t hang on to resentment, shame or blame about moving on swiftly and wholeheartedly. As long as we are keeping our head and heart intact, all is well.  Let others the opportunity and respect to find their own way. It is not our job, nor is it possible to heal someone else.  With total love, LET GO.

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