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Lasting Change

New Moon in Aries

Cards: Twin Ponds/RELATIONSHIP, Early Riser/ENERGY, Magic Forest/HOPE. Crystals: lapis lazuli for self-acceptance, green calcite and garnet for an open heart, peach moonstone for inner wisdom, joy and magic.

In order to feel whole, all we must do is be more fully ourselves. This is as simple as expanding into one breath. When we nurture the relationship to ourselves as if it was a relationship to another, we find peace in all relationships and that behavior from others that used to trigger us, no longer does. We need not apologize, make excuses, explain or defend. It is the time to stand in our own power but with vulnerability, humility and softness–not anger, rejection and fear. 

Being full and knowing what this feels like is a quest of a thousand journeys. Going inward is the only way. We all have the opportunity to begin again. But to make lasting change, we must listen to the subtle voices inside attempting to direct us. This isn’t about right and wrong or becoming better. This isn’t about trusting the right people or not making mistakes. This path is about forgiveness and compassion for all suffering–ours and those who we feel have made us suffer. It’s about realizing the gift of suffering as the blessing of transformation. If we do not suffer, we cannot grow. If we cannot grow, we stay stuck in the wheel of imaginary pain that keeps us isolated and imprisoned within our bodies, often lifetime after lifetime. 

We have the ability and power to make lasting change. We have the gift of time, in the here and now to learn, see and listen and to make choices based on trusting the self and faith in God. There is a path laid out for each one of us. Will you follow it?

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