Art & Energy Reading by Stephica Burton

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Love isn’t: feeling lost

Cards: Electric Field/POWER, Scintillation/LONGING, Evergreen Guardians/SOLITUDE Crystals: Labradorite for strength and wisdom, sea glass and blue lace agate for a softened heart, Siberian blue quartz for expanded seeing, optical calcite for shining rainbow light

Love is here in the now. It is full, expansive, ready for whatever is to come. Love is inside us, in our chests and breath. It is in the trees, vibrating inside the dirt and sand between your toes and sunshine streaming from source directly into your pours and soul. Love is loving being alone because we realize we are never alone and that alone is an illusion. The illusion of aloneness is keeping us from love. 

When we sleep, we dream of others. We wake feeling the essence of others through our connection to our inner subconscious worlds. We are connected in dreams. When we rush, run, hide, try, ache, grasp, reach, shove and make sure, we leave love behind. When we accept that we have doubt, resentment, and a mind full of worries, they can surrender to the breeze of love. When we brush the energies away that aren’t ours and shake and strut down the catwalk of life, we let go those who cannot handle the power of love. We can now let them go with ease and self-assurance. We can still love and love with chests full of breathing hearts. 

We must deeply embody and understand these visions of love (omg Mariah for the win–fav song alert!) for ourselves FIRST. We must live in this place of solitude and independence FIRST. Love is not otherworldly. It is of this world. To be love, we must receive the love from God inside FIRST. We must become what we are seeking!

There will be no more stretching or waiting or longing for love to appear ‘out there’. We will be love through each breath, in each heave of our lungs as we take in the precious, shimmering dust of life. This will be the way forward, in and through. Because love isn’t left out or feeling lost. Love is cultivating a deep sense of inclusion; of being wholly found by a presence greater than our identities and limited beliefs. It is a remembering of being the most fun, juicy, real, saturated, energized, wacky, hip, raw, silly, inspired versions of ourselves and to act and teach from this place. We must be this FIRST and now is the time to claim it for real. If we are in process of transforming from caterpillar to butterfly, we may begin to notice we have wings. 



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