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Bold, Vibrant, Brilliant Life

New Moon in Taurus – April 25, 2017

Indigo Corners Mini Mandala Oracle Cards ☆7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Magic Forest/HOPE, Card 2 (Future): Electric Field/POWER, Card 3 (What to focus on): Soft Morning/REST, Card 4 (What to move through and release): Indigo Plush/INTUITION, Card 5 (What is hidden): Evergreen Guardians/SOLITUDE, Card 6 (Additional info): Astral Call/PRAYER, Card 7 (Theme): Snow Lamp/INTIMACY. Crystals: Selenite for radiant, loving relationship with higher self, smokey citrine for joyful neutrality, citrine for ease and clarity in relationship with outside energies, lapis lazuli for vigilant self-knowing, blue lace chalcedony for calming the need to control and jasper for solar plexus grounding.

Many of us may be finally coming into the light of new beginnings: with our work; in relationships; or the way we are seen by the world. For some, overarching life themes and circumstances may have recently and drastically changed and a new order of deeper and more fulfilling environmental alignment may be present. For others it may be that the way in which things work for us or the way in which we work has shifted into a new alchemy. For many, it may be both so it is wise to express utmost compassion and empathy for all, most importantly self. 

Our relationship with ourselves is overtly highlighted at this time, so that we may take full responsibility for our life experience. If a negative emotion or reaction comes up, it is surfacing for this very reason. We must bear witness to all our remaining unpleasantness, triggers, need for control and inability to surrender to the parts of of ourselves we dislike or fear. Resistance to our responses will only create more resistance and frustration so let us sit in our often extreme discomfort with compassion for the suffering which created such pain and deep patterned karmic wounds. 

Striving for perfection will create the perfect storm for failure so the sooner we can embrace the feeling of failing, the sooner the clouds will break. It is ok to be afraid of the unknown and in this way, we must practice self-acceptance. Yet we may also set an intention to allow this fear to exist without it dictating outcomes through self-sabotage and leaking all our good energy like a pinned balloon. Keep breathing in the goodness from God! It is light as a feather and feels fantastic. If we get taken into this spin cycle, let us remember that higher energies are not self-wallowing, self-doubting, self-punishing, over-analytical or lacking something or someone. They are full and fulfilled. TRUST THIS.

Let us love the part of ourselves who craves loves and acts out in such ways of force, manipulation and desperation, to death. Let this false, hollow, lack-of-self transform to become what it needs to–bold, vibrant, brilliant life. There is always more light so let’s keep our finger on the pulse and continue to turn up the dimmer switch. This time, we got this and there has never been a better time to break through. 

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