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Green lights forever

Full Moon in Scorpio Wed May 10, 2017

Indigo Corners Mini Mandala Oracle Cards ☆7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Rain Forest/RESPONSIBILITY, Card 2 (Future): Granny’s Garden/MEMORY, Card 3 (What to focus on): Scintillation/LONGING, Card 4 (What to move through and release): Sit Spot/SURRENDER, Card 5 (What is hidden): Blood Moon/MANIFESTATION, Card 6 (Additional info): Subconscious Pool/BALANCE, Card 7 (Theme): Inflorescence/ACTION. Crystals: Rose quartz tower for explosive heart center, red tigers eye and garnet for grounded passion, rutilated quartz crystal ball for knowing exactly what we want, herkimer diamond for being the fucking Queen.
Becoming Queen or King of your own empire takes serious self-discipline. To rule well, one must balance: doubt with welcoming what is; the need to control with surrender; ego with humility; fear of failure with compassion and defeat with strength and a supreme sense of how it feels when our internal power is centered and grounded. 


We may find ourselves suddenly able to enjoy life from a more complete state of self. An extraordinary happy and expanded existence that is also grounded in said happiness is dancing around us, if we’ve allowed ourselves to be within it. It may feel as if the trees are waving hello as we pass by and the magic dust of the universe is floating through the air right in front of our eyes. Celebrate this fully and exclaim: “Thank you, MORE PLEASE!” Green lights will continue to appear, one right after the other.


In order to see our dreams manifest, it is imperative we understand creative living and the consequences of attitude. The confidence and clarity we hold in our desired outcomes carries weight. We have new powers of manifestation hidden within so let us be very mindful of entertaining and thus creating worst-case scenarios or living in the fear of hope. Let us know who we are and what we have to offer. Not only will others who have awakened be drawn to such courage but we will become unwilling to turn away from ourselves. There are no bad omens and all signs point toward truth. Be bold and welcome this knowing like an unwrapped gift. In this way, it is impossible to fall off the tightrope of the times. 


Unwrapped gifts do carry the element of surprise. Holding our past patterns as just that and keeping an open mind to new information will keep us in alignment. Let us welcome not only what surfaces but whatever our reaction may be to such news. Life is an expanding adventure and what fun would anything be if we could constantly guess what comes next? Let go of needing to know and dive into whatever is offered while keeping your snorkle gear close to catch a breath when needed. It’s a divine time to dig in and indulge in the strange and wonderful pleasures of this dimension and beyond. 


So let’s let life guide us with ease in grandeur. Let’s hold our knowing close and choose from our own center, not someone else’s. Gifts from the future will appear faster if we stay curious rather than triggered, upbeat instead of worrisome, and aware and open to changes and new feelings. Let us remember that our power always lies within. Now is the time to be unique, bold and live within the dream instead of chasing it up a tree or down the road. There is no need to chase something you already have. 

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