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Within love, there is no problem.

New Moon in Gemini – May 25, 2017

Indigo Corners Mini Mandala Oracle Cards โ˜†7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Universal Quest/ASCENSION, Card 2 (Future): Magic House/STABILITY, Card 3 (What to focus on): Big Storm/ATTACHMENT, Card 4 (What to move through and release): Snow Lamp/INTIMACY, Card 5 (What is hidden): Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE, Card 6 (Additional info): Granny’s Garden/MEMORY, Card 7 (Theme): Moon Tent/LOVE. Crystals: Frozen Quartz for letting go of fearful emotion, citrine for more joy, blue lace agate for softness, serpentine for heart opening, rose quartz for compassion, black tourmaline for staying in the body, fester quartz for raising vibration, tangerine quartz for expressing emotion correctly, polychrome jasper for bridging the elements.

If we have been paying attention and investing in our self-work, we have the opportunity at this time to see ourselves as the observer of our thoughts, emotions and illusions from a new inner space. The saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, may reorganize itself to “I don’t need sugar to enjoy the truth of lemons”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If everything is acceptable as it is, we find little need to influence and control our experience or the experience of others. This means we can co-exist within conflict and competition. The challenge is to meet opposition with confidence in our own truth while leaving room for another’s. We cannot define another’s experience and now is the time to bear this witness with the same appreciation and forgiveness we are learning to do with ourselves.

We need not prove our worth any longer. We must simply show up to the day with as much unconditional love in our hearts as possible. This means that when we find ourselves reactive and exhausted, we stop and attempt to remember our inner unity before stepping back into dancing with others. Everyone will benefit from our self-care!

The quality of our state defines the level of divine support we are able to receive, so coming back to ourselves in love is always the first priority. Let no one, regardless of disagreement or difference define the way we consider ourselves. If our heart is in a state of wounding from conflict, we cannot come to the party prepared to serve anyone, much less manifest circumstances which boost our light.

When we are committed to unconditional love at all costs, we cultivate a foundation of inner stability, wisdom and forgiveness and no matter how hard we fall, can allow ourselves the kindness of getting back up and facing what is. All roads lead back to the heart so let us keep it open no matter the level of suffering we have endured.

If we are in conflict, let us stabilize chaotic emotion before expressing our truth and abandon the need to be perfect and right in order to attain acceptance and love. We must trust in ourselves and others to do the best each of us can do with what we have in the present. The more presence within self we can attain, the more balance and love we will spread from our relative positions. Separation may be an illusion but it still part of our human experience in this dimension. Let us learn willingly the lessons being taught to us within this perspective. All learning is valid and valuable. Within love, there is no problem.ย 

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