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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Friday June 9 

Indigo Corners™ Oracle FullMoon in Sagittarius ☆7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Seahorse Dream/EASE, Card 2 (Future): Dream Cycle/TRANSITION, Card 3 (What to focus on) Pretty Lights/GRATITUDE, Card 4 (What to move through and release) Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE, Card 5 (What is hidden) Country Sky/INSPIRATION, Card 6 (Additional info) Pink Canopy/EXPANSION, Card 7 (Theme) Universal Quest/ASCENSION. Crystals: aragonite for emotional stability, rose quartz wand for celebration, fester quartz and clear quartz wand for recognizing and amplifying opportunity. Yarrow and palo santo for boundaries.
Opportunities for taking the next step forward are inflating at rapid speed. We may be tripping over ourselves in angst at all the activity. It is important to dial it down and contemplate in stillness and solitude before taking action or making bold decisions. What is falling away will fall hard and what is emerging will bring swift and resounding change so let us be mindful of what we really want out of life. Although there are no wrong decisions, in the long run, one path may be easier than another. Let us not get too hung up on this if we are feeling indecisive but rather wait to choose until we have more information. All roads lead back to self but let us act from a grounded inner compass. 


We have been in the process of learning some uncomfortable truths about ourselves, our addictions and other difficult karmic patterns. Letting these go is a continuous process of forgiveness, acceptance and boundary. Others cannot define our relationship to self unless we let them so it is a continued priority and theme of the times to practice extreme boundary with any outside energy which drains our feelings of self-love and freedom. If we have been through the ringer in detoxing negative energies, let us recognize and celebrate how strong we’ve become. Let us find relief in releasing those with a dark journey still ahead and gratitude at finding ourselves re-focused on our own path, no matter how difficult things have been or seem to still be. 


Transition, growth and facing our shadows is not meant to be easy but it is our right to take it easy on ourselves and stay in a space of empowerment, flexibility and freedom throughout our experience. Often the dark night of the soul or path of the fool is a long, arduous journey. The lessons may be so deep and the unraveling of past karma so massive, that it takes much longer than we expect to process through it.


Many of us who think we’ve already done said work or expected certain patterns to have stopped manifesting can too easily get sucked back into victimhood and lack issues around self-worth if we are not vigilant in our self-care. We mustn’t take on the abuse, projections and inabilities of others. We must stand tall in our own knowing and keep on keeping on. This IS the work and the growth–to stay strong within ourselves no matter what! We are all warriors exhausted from battle and it is imperative to treat ourselves and each other with compassion, as such. 


Let us discover true abundance in daily pleasures, adventures and activities and find sincere gratitude for being in love with life as it is. Self-love is a radical political act, as the energy we put out into the world is received, translated and transmuted by others. We must trust that if our energy is in alignment, all is ultimately well and that this is the best we can do with what we have. We are the loves of our life and if we can learn to celebrate this truth boldly, the sky’s the limit and the world’s our oyster. Let us embrace all of who and what we are and move into these times with a commitment to embodying such joy as fully as humanly possible. 

We are made of magic. Everything we could ever need is already within us so let us reach inside and pull out handfuls of hope and dust the surface of all our realities with brilliance. 

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