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To Love and Light Beams!

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 8/9, 2017

Indigo Corners™ Oracle Full Moon in Capricorn ☆7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Soft Morning/REST, Card 2 (Future): Moon Tent/LOVE, Card 3 (What to focus on) Early Riser/ENERGY, Card 4 (What to move through and release) Indigo Plush/INTUITION, Card 5 (What is hidden) Magic House/STABILITY, Card 6 (Additional info) Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE, Card 7 (Theme) Make Believe/FANTASY. Crystals: desert rose for gentleness to self, amethyst for calming obsessive thinking, serpentine for surrender to self, blue goldstone for remembering the self who sparkles.

Learning to trust ourselves and our hearts is a long and often painful journey. The process of awakening to love within includes setting proper boundaries and being aware of our internal compass and the directions we take and intend to take. However, turns and forks in the road are not necessarily the blocks and impossible choices we may initially perceive them to be. We are a culture of instant gratification and can quickly reject what seems imperfect or difficult when what we may really be rejecting is our own internal obsession, fear, shame, avoidance, co-dependence, self-doubt or other lack mentality. The war is always within and the story we have told ourselves in the past may not be what is actually playing out in reality in the now. Be mindful of what is unclear and seek to understand and listen, rather that shout and shake fists.

Let us accept ourselves in all our myriad of illusion and delusion. Let us see through our projections and perceived limitations and move forward with more ease and less resistance. It’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to be okay. Let’s allow ourselves the freedom to experience the carnival without beating ourselves up for doing it “wrong” and living in wheels of regret, guilt or other ultimately empty emotional structures which keep us from freedom. We are all far from perfect in the way we think we should be and mistake others for being. Our divine perfection exits in the study and acceptance of our particular shade of insanity and thus the acceptance of others’. Let’s stay open to our internal process of healing, even and especially in the darkest of emotional and experiential times.

The inflammation of judgement both of self and other can be tempered here if we are paying attention. We must use our emotional wounds as charcoal for the fire which must burn hot before it can burn out. If we are really committed to our transformation and to the path of highest intention, we must be willing to surrender to the things that hurt the most. We must allow them to be as they are. Acceptance may be simple but it is certainly not easy.

Attachment to outcome and striving for a perfect experience will only sink our ship further so let us release our needing to know, our misplaced blame, insecurities and other dead ends with sincerity, a hug and a shrug. It’s all good when we can agree that it’s all good. Heavy waves may crash up against us but so what?! We’re still here fighting for what we believe in and standing up for our big, good hearts. This is worth celebrating like a pancake breakfast! AND with all this flailing about, we have the opportunity to welcome in yet another grand lesson to bring with us on the ride into the future. If we aren’t yet able to shrug, let’s hug it out until then.

This is a time to transmute what is heavy and painful into humility, beauty and truth. Can we find the value and sparkle in the suffering and the small wins along they way? Can we activate our future and actualize our reality by seeing it from a bigger picture perspective? We may suddenly realize: that we still have a long way to go; that we we don’t care what they think; that rather than run and hide, we can accept, forgive and redirect; that validation comes from within; that the external authority is perceived; that unconditional love and acceptance of what is are exactly the same thing; and most of all that we took a bold and courageous risk just showing up today with heart and that THAT is worth everything. It is OK to love ourselves completely, NO MATTER WHAT.

Oath to self: I will never, ever give up on my dreams. No matter what happens, I will fight to keep my heart open to love and light beams!


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