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The Power of “I”

New moon in Leo – The Power of “I” July 23, 2017

Indigo Corners™ Oracle New Moon in Leo ☆7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Dream Cycle/TRANSITION, Card 2 (Future): Cathedral/BLESSINGS, Card 3 (What to focus on) Plant Medicine/REMEDY, Card 4 (What to move through and release) Pink Canopy/EXPANSION, Card 5 (What is hidden) Moon Tent/LOVE, Card 6 (Additional info) Indigo Plush/INTUITION, Card 7 (Theme) Long Highway/PATIENCE. Crystals: black tourmaline for staying grounded amongst great change, shiva lingam for vitality and energetic expansion, smokey citrine for connecting the boundary dots, labradorite for big magic, serpentine for surrender to what is fully, blue goldstone for personal power.

The new moon in Leo asks us to open our hearts to the authority within. We each have a sense of authentic self: the soul deep inside who stands tall and strong; the unconditional loving but assertive one; the one or knows their worth; the one who is full, whole and perfectly imperfect; the one who regardless of all deeds, lives in bold forgiveness with strong boundaries; the one who knows and asks directly and soundly for what they want; the one who changes direction immediately upon realizing something isn’t working and goes headfirst toward what is without hesitation. We all must make tough choices and stand in demand for our rights. But self-discipline does not mean we reject romance, passion, fun and inspired joy. It does not mean we do not make mistakes or detour on our paths. It does not mean we do not forgive self and other for ALL transgressions. 

Additionally, integration of big changes takes time and we have all gone through and continue to go through massive transition. Levels of resistance, emotion, reaction and initiated responses must flow, oscillate and converge. Seeking an end point or ultimate destination full of resolution only creates false expectations and an illusion of control. This is a waste of time and energy. We must be content where we are. We can strive to intend for the outcome we desire and know we are worthy of it but if we over focus on what is to come later, or teeter into blame and frustration, we will postpone our arrival. The path forward is always through what is in the now. Let us not forget this. 

Acceptance of self and other feels full, lifted, refreshed and good, like coming out of a warm bath or off an incredible hike–not whiny, sulky, guilty, drab, judgmental or regretful. Let us conserve our energies so we may experience this state as often as possible. Let us choose day-of, if we can, how we want to spend our time. Not every moment is primed for work nor for play. These must unfold naturally. This doesn’t always line up with how we are able to spend our time so let’s keep our focus held close, so we don’t miss moments of opportunity, no matter how small. 

Creativity is flowing so let’s pick up our colored pens and pencils or run off to an impromptu beach picnic and allow the grace of inspiration rise and pulse. An open heart can manifest it’s desires so let’s be very conscious of how and what we choose. Our energetic state will define our ability to choose with intention and awareness so let’s prioritize time to sustain our best selves in whatever way we need. Personal power is a magnetic force to reckon with. Stand tall in it. Be it. 

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