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The yellow brick road is inlaid with gold

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Monday August 7, 2017

Indigo Corners™ Oracle Full Moon in Aquarius ☆7 Card Mandala Spread: Card 1 (Present): Moon Tent/LOVE, Card 2 (Future): Pink Canopy/EXPANSION, Card 3 (What to focus on) Gentle Dream/FORGIVENESS, Card 4 (What to move through and release) Snow Lamp/INTIMACY, Card 5 (What is hidden) Dear Forest/SHADOWS, Card 6 (What else to focus on) Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE, Card 7 (Theme) Sit Spot/SURRENDER. Crystals: desert rose, pyrite, black tourmaline, ocos, black moonstone, for romance with the unknown, lapis for seeing the path of love with in evil.
  • 🦋Being left out is an illusion. Feeling banished in isolation and bound to chaotic, unsupportive environments is a teaching. If we are trapped physically in such a space, let as understand we are in training to become true warriors and that this time of stuck-ness is a gift of highest teaching. If we are ready to graduate our teachings of suffering in this way, let us pray for mercy and grace and fight like hell to gain enough personal power and physical vitality and strength to escape.
  • 🦋 If we have become free, let us act like it and rejoice! Once free from slavery of the mind, body or spirit, we can often revert to acting as if we are still caged by default. We forget our own liberation. Freedom is a practiced state of being in life and we must fight for it for ourselves, as for the collective. This is our responsibility to each other, as well as to our own hearts. We cannot serve if we are victims of abuse. We must heal ourselves, our boundaries, our intentions and our big dreams first.
  • 🦋 The art of surrendering to spirit takes linear time. Although we may progress leaps and bounds in only moments, we must honor the timeline God has presented for us with humility and patience. This balance is part of what we’re learning within the teachings of freedom and co-creation with spirit. There are many lessons to learn AND to unlearn. We may be realizing that we are not bound by the laws placed on us by others. We may be realizing we are allowed to write our own rules about what we want, where we’re going and who we’re going with. We may find great strength in new allies, new romance with the WAY we dance in and through life, and new inspiration for the future by being in love with the present.
  • 🦋 The gifts of illumination for each of our personal paths is great at his time. Let us take full advantage of such witnessing. Let us look for opportunities to forgive and understand those who have oppressed us. Let us see their suffering in a new way where we can begin to process what was done to them and how this created lack of power and choice with them. Let us choose to believe that although evil is intelligent, it is not full and it does not know love. In fact it is the very absence of love which creates evil. Let us open and offer our compassionate hearts to this knowing.
  • 🦋Integration of darkness and light will become less extreme as we allow the anger, sadness, and abuse which has happened to us to hurt as deeply as we feel it. But we must, as we sit with these sweet creatures, be kind and humble both to them and to the BIG SELF who stands up behind any and all commiserating and says in a soft but very firm, present voice: “I am here with you. It is all okay. We are moving on together as a team. No one will be left behind. No one will suffer alone. All of you are loved and held and we are all liberated together as one NOW.”
  • 🦋Rise up. Go forth. Be bold in union and watch as we slay all dragons of darkness as the warriors of love and light we truly are. We are who we think we are: the real deal embarking upon a very real adventure, heading toward a very real and bright future. The yellow brick road is actually inlaid with gold.

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