Art & Energy Reading by Stephica Burton

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I’m Steph: Artist and Intuitive Empath. For more on what it is to be an empath, CLICK HERE. I create art to enhance energy work. I’ve created a series of fine-art mandala photographs, originally intended as focal points for meditation with eyes open. These images came together to form a unique deck of oracle cards, used to reflect or read energy and provide guidance and self-awareness through a magical medium.

I offer intuitive readings to bring clients compassionate messages and teach classes to connect students with their own empowerment through better understanding their unique, creative, intuitive genius. Oracle decks, mandala prints, and crystals are for sale in my shop to help boost vibes in sacred spaces. For more on readings, CLICK HERE. To purchase an oracle deck or shop crystals and art, CLICK HERE. To sign up for a class, CLICK HERE.

My Mission

My entire life I have been downloading information from the vast and friendly universe, all-the-while chalking it up to being a sensitive, artistic weirdo who seems to have unique, strange experiences. As someone who long struggled with and self-healed from deep depression and paralyzing anxiety, I believe that if we can learn to trust and accept ourselves, it is possible to live a fearless, fulfilling and meaningful life. Indigo Corners™ is founded on the principle that we are each the expert on our own reality and that exploring and learning to love our experience is our inalienable right as human beings.

Please check my Blog and subscribe to my ‘friendly messages from the universe’ newsletter for ongoing inspirations and special offers. It is my intention to offer you heart-centered gifts, products and services that will lift your spirit and bring sparkles of rainbow light into your life.

My Story

I have been making art, music, writing, singing, crafting and creating intuitively for as long as I can remember. When I was a child and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would exclaim: ‘Artist’! I now hold a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography, am a graduate of Marie Forleo’s continuing education B School program and have been studying the language of energy for many years with mentors from several traditions ranging from Feng Shui, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism to Zen and Fourth Way meditation and practical awareness techniques. I am deeply passionate about the art of self-healing and personal empowerment through magic.

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