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Messages from the Friendly Universe

As above, so below

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 21, 2017 The time has come for BIG change. We are finally in the culmination vortex that we may have previously experienced premonitions, dreams or visions of. The ingredients of this mix are potent ones, full of magic and encouraging boosts of[…]

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Boldly go…

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Friday June 9  Opportunities for taking the next step forward are inflating at rapid speed. We may be tripping over ourselves in angst at all the activity. It is important to dial it down and contemplate in stillness and solitude before taking action or making[…]

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We KNOW what we know.

Full Moon in Virgo As we flesh out the culmination of this eclipse cycle with this full moon in Virgo, we may find ourselves battling ghosts and parasitic traces of old relationships and patterns. If we’ve set proper boundaries and refused to sacrifice our own power and well-being to no[…]

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Done with what is done.

New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse The theme of boundaries, personal power and complete endings continues at this time. Bad habits, addictions, unhealthy relationships and whatever abuse, doubts or fears we may have been agreeing to or inflicting upon ourselves has been purged over this last eclipse cycle from those of[…]

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Stronger than we think

New Moon in Aquarius – Oracle Card Reading “If we have recently started over or are about to, the winds of change blow in our favor. The collective is becoming stronger and will continue to unite to preserve and protect itself. Although many battles may appear to be lost, hope[…]

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Own What You Know

Indigo Corners Mandala Oracle Card Reading Wolf Moon – Full Moon in Cancer, January 12, 2017 “The future has officially arrived. Can you feel it?! All planets are moving direct and we may suddenly find ourselves motivated to complete big tasks, both personal and professional with focused intention and with reassurance in[…]

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Time to take what is ours

Indigo Corners Mandala Oracle Card Reading – New Moon in Capricorn December 28/29, 2016 and Happy New Year! 2017 “We are about to round the bend into the future. All new blessings are arriving to sweep us forward. While we wait for changes to integrate and gear up to move full[…]

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