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What can I expect from a reading?

We can either spend our session focusing on a specific question you have or you may ask the universe what you may need to know today. My answers will be geared toward how you can best balance your energy and clear blocks to receive the life experience you desire and are worthy of. Spirits of loved ones who have crossed over may also have a message for you.
Please know my work is to assist you in coming back to a place of feeling emotionally balanced and spiritually aligned. I cannot help you decide which choices in life are best, but rather will remind you of the nature of how these choices may effect you energetically. I will remind you of where you may be forgetting your personal power and options available to you that you may not see in the moment.
I will assist you in pulling cards, then ask you questions based on the energy of the cards and intuitive messages I receive. You may share whatever you wish to, however personal. There is no obligation to share anything you’re not comfortable with. Reading cards is a co-creative process. I am not the expert on the information you receive, therefore the more you share, the more comprehensive your message will be and the more likely it is you will integrate and apply it.
My intent is to assist you in hearing the voice of your highest self and to encourage you to feel more love and compassion. If anything does not resonate with you, please take what you wish from it and leave the rest.

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What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

Tarot and oracle cards offer the same service: to read the energy of the moment one is in. Tarot is a historical tradition, where each card includes layers of specific information and to read it accurately takes study of these layers and how they interact together to tell a story. Tarot spreads can be quite complex and can take years to fully understand how to interpret. Oracle is more open-ended, in that there are an infinite styles of decks and creative takes on themes, cards and interpretations.

Tarot holds a certain presence and power, as it is best known culturally. It can also hold a feeling of fear for some people, if they’ve experienced or heard about a reading with a prediction of darkness. This is not the style of card reading that I, nor the metaphysical community I align with, believes in or promotes.  A reading should never leave someone in fear that they are powerless, because that is simply NOT TRUE.

Neither style of cards is better than the other. What defines the quality of an oracle or tarot card reading is simply how aligned the practitioner is with their chosen deck and whether or not the recipient is open to receiving the message.

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What are oracle cards and how do they work?

Oracle cards are a tool used to read energy. Energy is reflective. Therefore, what’s going on inside you or within your subconscious is reflected on the outside, in your physical reality and within your experience, emotions, intentions and actions.
Each oracle card contains the essence of a particular topic or theme. When one draws a card, their energy resonates with the energy of the card, bringing the recipient a ‘friendly message from the universe’ to inspire guidance, clarity, compassion, validation and magic surrounding the theme discussed. This discussion can be explored to the depth the recipient is willing and interested in contemplating by pulling additional cards and seeing how all cards in a spread relate.

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What are your intentions when reading for a client?

My intention is to assist the reading recipient in bringing unseen parts of the self to the surface to be witnessed with compassion. Sometimes this simple observation is enough to heal and release the energy that may be blocking one from feeling more completely at ease.
This process creates space for greater perspective, empathy and wiser choosing. The more information and insight we have about ourselves, the more likely it is we will choose to harmonize with the energies within us, around us, coming through us and through others.

By way of this work, we can gain a greater sense of humility, receptivity and sensitively to the infinite possibilities available to us, thus creating a life of abundance, presence, connection and freedom.

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Do you predict the future?

Traditionally, oracle cards are seen as a form of divination, which is defined as “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means”.

I do not predict the future, but rather read the energy of the moment one is in, based on connections I make between the intuitive, empathic, physical senses and messages I receive during our conversation, and the client’s body language, information from the environment and from the cards.

Reading energy is unique to each person, therefore I can only comment on what is coming through my own filter and associations. Although I appreciate working with those who are receptive to my comments, as this allows the energy reading process to be co-creative and effective (if one is not opening to receiving the message, I cannot deliver it), the recipient’s intuition is always to be trusted over mine, if anything doesn’t feel right to the recipient.

I may comment on what I see to be the most likely outcome of a particular path, yet this outcome can change tomorrow, depending on adjustments and choices one makes. We all have the universal gift, power and responsibility of free will.

For more on my understanding of the term supernatural, read my blog post HERE.

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Why do you send out your newsletter at the full and new moon?

To clarify the timing of my newsletters, I offer new and full moon readings because the universal energies during our natural cycles are heightened and provide a divinely-timed space for self-awareness and co-creation with the forces around and within us.

The new moon is a new beginning so is a well-balanced time for self-reflection, setting intentions, performing rituals, starting new projects, taking a deep breath and coming back to center. The full moon is a well-balanced time to surrender to what is, release what doesn’t serve us and bring cycles to completion.

Not every reading will align specifically with your particular path but I hope to offer a sense of camaraderie, validation and compassion if it does. Our own mythology, astrology, unique personality, beliefs and free will always prioritize our experiences. I repeatedly like to stress the importance of trusting our intuitions and learning who we really are at our own pace, with unconditional love and forgiveness highlighting our inner and shared journeys.

Although my readings follow astrology, I am not an astrologer and do not practice astrology. If you are looking for more information, check out Mystic Mamma and my friend Christina Caudill at Radiant Astrology. If you have a great source, please feel free to share it with me!

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What’s the difference between your two card decks?

Both card decks offer x36 mandala cards and the same instructions. The Mini-Mandala Medicine Oracle  cards are 2.5inches square, printed on premium matte card stock and come in a sturdy, recycled 3×3 inch black box (fits in pockets and purses) and is put together by hand and decorated with holographic logo stickers. These include a 2-page, 11×17 inch black and white set of instructions (when folded, fit inside box). Mandala Medicine Oracle cards are 3.5 inches square and include a full-color box, 24-page full-color guidebook and 330 gram playing-card quality (a bit thinner and lighter weight than mini-cards) for easy shuffling.

Some just love the mini size and handmade feel of the smaller deck, while others prefer the professional, full-color branded quality of the larger deck. The choice is yours!

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How do you create your mandalas?

I journey to places where I feel a higher energetic vibration and collect these moments of awe, friendship, nature and stillness in photographs. I then bring the image into Photoshop and meditate on the sacred geometry of the image until the connection to the place and emotional essence of the original moment is represented and the desired effect for meditation is achieved.

As an empath and intuitive, I am highly sensitive to energy in imagery and spacial environments. The healing energy of the space is translated directly into the image and can be accessed and enhanced by all who view it. Interaction with and love for the images connects all involved in a matrix of healing, high vibration.

My mandalas are designed to up the vibe in your energetic space AND to make meditation with eyes open accessible and enhanced. Tools such as these, are proven to help you unwind and live a richer, calmer and happier life.

Mandalas are offered as oracle card decks and collectable photograph prints; mounted to solid, eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested wood. They are available in several sizes and ready to hang in your sacred space or as eye candy for a corner in your home.

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How do I use the mandalas for meditation?

Your sacred energy mandala is a visual aide, designed to help you meditate with your eyes open. Use your coveted piece of art as a visual focal point for your meditation practice or as a beautiful design to hang above your altar in your sacred space. Studies have shown these repetitious patterns to be of assistance when trying to calm and balance the body and mind.

Below is your mandala research guide. Follow the instructions to meditate with your eyes open. Meditation can seem inaccessible and scary for many people, especially when they close their eyes and try to concentrate.

Discover a new and fun way into a relaxed state of body and mind. Connect with your inner self and space in!

1. Find a space in your home where you can sit comfortably, either in a chair or on the floor, while staring at an opposing wall. (Use your computer screen instead of a wall and one of the meditation mandalas on my site for practice, simply click on any design you feel drawn to today!)

2. Post the image of your choice on the wall in front of you at eye level.

3. Set a timer (smart phones are great for this) for ten minutes.

4. Stare into the center of the image. Keep your vision softly focused on the center point of the design until your timer goes off.

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What is your return policy?



Unless a product is damaged in shipping, due to the nature of running a micro-business as an independent artist, all sales are final. I very much appreciate your business and support of my work!

If a product has been damaged in shipping, I will either send you a replacement if one is available or refund your money if the item is sold out. Please contact me via email with a brief description of what is wrong with the product, along with an attached pic or two of the damaged piece and box it arrived in.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me at

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What’s an Indigo Corner™?

An Indigo Corner is a sacred, safe, healing space in your home, designed uniquely by you, for you, to compliment and enhance your ability to relax and stay balanced while maintaining a healthy relationship with all the pressures and energies around you.

If you already have a meditation, yoga or other spiritual practice, your Indigo Corner is the perfect place to practice. If you are not sure how to begin a spiritual practice, building an Indigo Corner is a great place to start. This could be just sitting with yourself at any time of day for no good reason at all. I encourage you to “design your own mythology” in this space. I challenge you to create and declare this chosen space as your own; to decorate and write stories about it; to sing to it when you are lonely; to just BE in it and to LOVE being in it. This is my goal; to get you to love and empower yourself in your space.

Designing a space full of beloved objects, images and elements, in which you spend time in each day will help to keep you grounded and lift you into the lightness of joy.

My meditation practice has changed my life. I am incredibly grateful for the peace, balance and sanity it has graced upon my bouncy, artistic brain. Although each of us has our own personal path toward healing and spiritual wellness, my clients and I have found that having a personal, sacred space in which to honor this process deeply enriches connection to oneself, others and the spaces around us.

What is your spiritual practice? Yoga? Meditation? Simply taking a deep breath? Aspiring or advanced, remind yourself to fully participate in your personal commitment to staying connected by designing an Indigo Corner of your own.

For examples of Indigo Corners and sacred spaces, visit my Blog.

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