Art & Energy Reading by Stephica Burton

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“We had such an incredible experience working with Steph (Indigo Corners) at the Herbivore Botanicals Crystal-Mas holiday party. Steph showed up fully prepared with a beautiful set up that included crystals, tapestries and oracle cards. Our staff had incredibly insightful personal readings and each person came away feeling empowered and refreshed for the coming year. It was so lovely to add some bright vibrations and individual reflection into our holiday party atmosphere and we will definitely keep in touch with Indigo Corners in the future!” Alicia Amiri, Herbivore Botanicals 
Stephica is an insightful, warm and lovely intuitive. I had the privilege of receiving a reading at a private event and was so impressed, I hired her for a large corporate event where her services were incredibly well-received. Her approach is very thoughtful and creative – the mere fact that she has artistically developed her own deck makes your time with her all the more special. I’m looking forward to my next reading with her…! Kelli Bielema, Owner, Shindig Events

Readings at Rainbow Natural Remedies

“I sat down with Steph with an open mind and little expectation. Steph was able to quickly pick up on my energy and meet me where I was. I felt comfortable and it was easy. With Steph’s reflection I gained a deepness and some insight about myself. I felt more at peace with myself with an overall affirmation from the universe. I now use her oracle cards occasionally at home. They help me to be aware of my own intuitiveness.” Ross Kling, Owner of Rainbow Natural Remedies
Sabella: Thank you for your incredible reading this afternoon. You gave me a lot of good insights that I intend to follow through on. You are awesome!
Chelsea: You gave me a reading last week at Rainbow. Thank you for that! It felt so right on and incredibly insightful. Thank you. Sending you all the best and GOOOOOOD WORK! Peace, Chelsea
Laura: You gave me a reading a couple weeks ago and it was wonderful. Much love from me and the universe to you 💛 🙂 Happy full moon ~
Monica: I wanted to thank you for your oracle reading on Saturday. Thanks for giving me permission and the confidence to remember my power and connection with the universe. Wishing you a lovely day ~
Lili: Your work and writing is so beautifully expressed! I see great things ahead for you. You are a huge inspiration to me and I really benefitted from my reading with you at Rainbow.

 Mandala Art, Oracle Cards and Private Readings

“I’m in LOVE with my gorgeous mandala oracle cards from Steph Burton!! I can just feel that they are infused with love and care. Such a perfect gift to lift your Spirit. Thank you, Steph for sharing your sacred gift with us.” Christina Caudill, Evolutionary Astrologer at Radiant Astrology

“I was having a chat with Stephanie at my kitchen table, and she was telling me about her recent energy and art work. She reached into her bag and pulled out Country Sky. I can’t really explain what happened. My whole body had goosebumps and tears just started flooding from my eyes. Now, if you know me, you’ll know how UTTERLY out of character that is! It was clear that I needed this piece. I bought it on the spot. Each of these mandalas “does” something different, and you can either buy one with that purpose in your mind, or sit with each image until one speaks to you. Mine yelled at me! I have since used my mandala every day while I work out (That is my meditation time). I feel grounded and humble after using – focused and in my “right” mind. Thank you Stephanie for this incredible gift. I plan to buy an entire collection….” Nonie Creme, Founding Creative Director, Colour Prevails and formerly butter LONDON

“I recently had a reading with Steph using the beautiful oracle cards that she designed. The images on the cards are so lovely and calming, and are an extension of her personality.  Our session was so relaxed and flowed naturally.  It was truly amazing how she interpreted the three cards that I drew.  I felt like those cards were just for me specifically, and the word on each card connected to something that was going on in my life right then.  She gave a reading that was so applicable to me.  It wasn’t general information, and it confirmed what I had been thinking, and what I needed to do.  She has developed a great tool to help people sort out things in life, and be able to move forward, knowing they are on the right track.” Katie Lu Owen, Energy Practitioner at Katie Lu Owen

“When I first saw Steph’s art mandalas, the one I was initially drawn to was ‘Twin Ponds’. The colors in this image are my favorites and the image itself reminds me to be fully in my heart. I look at this for a few moments before my morning meditations and have found it allows me to go deeper than ever before. During the day I have found that all I need to do is glance at the image up on my wall and it takes me immediately to that heart-space again. The energy I feel when I look at this is so calming and full of love. It’s hard to really explain the depth of inner sacredness this creates but I’m grateful for the experience.” Laura Young, Intuitive Healer and Founder of Align To Divine HealthJohn of God Crystal Bed Practitioner, S.N.A.P. Change! Coach, Reiki & Spiritual Development Teacher, Edmonds, WA

“I chose three mandalas. Each has a different intention and comes with a wonderful card describing the healing intention. My three choices were ‘Flower Crown’, ‘Electric Field’ and ‘Evergreen Guardians’.  I am particularly inspired with how she uses images of everyday nature in the kaleidoscope design. I was drawn to her work, as a long-time meditator and healer. Stephica’s pictures make me feel better and I smile when I use them during meditation. Also, I feel that they will be useful for some of my clients to focus on their own meditative healing.” Anne Marie McNamara, Energy Healer and Founder of Co Create Health, Visual Artist and creator of Turn Art, Seattle, WA

“Steph is a gifted reader and brings a powerful and warm energy to her readings. She offered me guidance that felt elevated and incredibly reassuring. A divine experience!” Sarah Farris, Holistic Life Coach & Reiki Master at Vibe Elevated


“Steph’s mandalas are powerful. I bought a set for each of my children and all three of them came back with insights about their presence, their vision into a situation or a sense of well being. Steph Burton is a master artist at what she does and infuses the mandala with an indescribable presence.” 

Molly Knight Forde, Founder and Master Teacher at The Awareness School, Professional Pianist, Seattle, WA

“I am so excited – I received my BEAUTIFUL Mandala Oracle card set from Steph Burton. Oh my, these cards are so so precious and powerful!! They are just Divine – I seriously just want to walk around holding them! I had a card reading from Steph last week with these and it was so powerful. She is such a beautiful conduit for the messages these mandalas share and these are her sacred creations, just magical! Thank you Steph for the blessing of these powerful mandalas. So much love to you!” Sherri Hayter, Sacred Artist at Creative Idealist 

“I fell in love with Steph’s powerful mandalas when I first saw her work at an art show in Seattle. The one that has found a home in my healing space is ‘Dream Cycle’. I felt very drawn to the colors, design and light of this piece as it radiates tranquility and inspiration. Every time I walk into my office where the mandala is hanging, I am greeted with this beautiful symbol of divine beauty and infinite potential. It truly nourishes my spirit.” Michele Trump, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner & Bodyworker at Vital Roots Holistic Health

“I had a reading with Steph recently and it was so helpful. Just being in Steph’s presence is extremely grounding, and I felt reconnected to myself as soon as I sat down.  Her beautiful cards reflected exactly what has been coming up in my life, and she intuitively connected their symbolism with my underlying thoughts and feelings I have not been able to articulate or grasp. I left my reading feeling clear, and I was reminded of the importance of trusting myself. For me that was priceless.  Thanks Steph!” Katie Rudman, Spiritual Counselor & Hypnotherapist

Past Offering: Sacred Space Sessions

ariane-copy“I’m flooded with inspiration, ideas, and excitement! My meditation practice has gone from spotty to becoming a regular meditator! I haven’t missed a day since our first meeting. I’ve holistically felt the difference in my meditation practice and how this experience can impact every aspect of my life. I can’t thank Steph enough for introducing me to this new experience of connectedness within my own home. I feel like something has changed in the way I see my environment as a whole. After all, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Steph is not just advising, educating, and helping someone create a space, she is enhancing the quality of life. And that to me is priceless.” Ariane Hunter, Career Coach and founder of In Spirit, Queens, NY
See Ariane’s Indigo Corner HERE.

“Steph was such a joy to work with. She has such a calming energy and I immediately felt comfortable with her in my home. The work we did not only lightened the energy in my place but made it a soothing and safe environment to be in. I highly recommend working with her. She is professional, thoughtful and takes her clients and work very seriously. Thank you Steph, you changed my life!”

Christine Cameron, Stylist and founder of My Style Pill, New York, NY

“I loved how customized the experience of our first session was. The tools Steph used made it feel like she was focusing solely on me and filtering all of her knowledge in a way that was relevant and useful for me. I was also very impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge that she offered during the session, from meditation and mindfulness to feng shui and space clearing. This was very exciting! I trust her as my spiritual adviser because of her deep knowledge and passion for these areas.

I have noticed a new eagerness to create time and space for meditation. Before our session, it felt like something on my to-do list that I “should” do. Now, I feel excited and eager to make time in my space for connection, quiet, and silence. The shift from not knowing what to do to being excited about what to do was a wonderful experience for me. I am still in the early stages of experimenting and playing with everything, but the fact that my mindset has shifted is the biggest obstacle that has moved out of the way!” Valia Glytsis, Executive Leadership Development Coach and founder of Paradox, New York, NY